Modrin McDonald 21st Century Wizard Series 2 on Radio 4

Check out the fantastic episode five of Modrin McDonald 21st Century Wizard ‘Team Building’ on I-Player

Available Here

And make sure you tune in at 11pm tomorrow night for the last episode in the current series – it’s a cracker.

3 thoughts on “Modrin McDonald 21st Century Wizard Series 2 on Radio 4”

  1. Someone at Radio 4 screwed up somewhere and played the wrong episode last night. I listened on iPlayer today and although they announced it as being about Merlin’s Visit it was actually the tree people episode from earlier in the series. Hope they can get the right one on eventually, Love the show David!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I was surprised too last night, although I enjoyed hearing the “Root of all Evil” again. Glad you like the show. Hopefully Merlin’s Visit will appear somewhere – sometime soon. I’ll let you know when it does.

    Modrin McDonald

  3. It’s a real shame the BBC messed up with this: really hope we get to hear it soon rather than waiting for a repeat run in a year or something! Some of the most pleasurable 15 minutes of Radio 4 comedy since the Shuttleworths.

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