15 thoughts on “Freedom TV Comedy Pilot : 10pm BBC Two 07/12/10”

  1. Brilliant! Just flicked channels after news headlines and was hooked. Had no idea what I was watching or who anyone was, but was quite beguiled. Ivor Cutler lives! Devastated to find its only a pilot. Bring on the series say I. Hearty congrats.

  2. ‘Freedom’ is the funniest new comedy I have seen since, dare I say, ‘The Office’. This has to continue….

  3. Cracking show. Lovely pacing. Delightfully off-centrre – “I even enjoyed the foot-passengers…” 🙂 Hope it gets a full commission – would be a real shame to see it go the same way as ‘Welcome to Strathmuir” which I also really liked. Best of luck!

  4. Beautiful! Its comic delivery was just perfect. If this ends up as just a one off pilot it will be such a shame. WELL DONE!

  5. Totally brilliant. Justify the TV licence – make a series or 3. No smut, no violence just excellent cast ans script.

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